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[sketch of ramp with round handrail inside guardrails]

Option A: Attach 2x4 boards to 4"x4"s parallel to ramp surface, 4" above ramp surface. Attach 2x6 boards parallel to 2x4's so that top of 2x6 is 36" above ramp. Cut 2x2 spindles to 30" lengths and attach vertically to 2x4 and 2x6's with 4" space between each. Use a 3 7/8" spacer to make spindles installation easier. 1 1/2" round hand rail can be attached to the 4x4's or the 2x6 at a height that is most convenient to the user.(The reason the 2x4 is placed 4" above the ramp is to allow for easier snow removal.)

[sketch of ramp with plowed handrails in top of guardrails]

Option B: Same as above, except that top rail consists of 2x6 board that has been plowed for a hand grip. The plowed groove is placed on the outside of the ramp.

When ordering lumber for guardrail, order the longest board possible; i.e 15' of guardrail from 2x6x16. You can get 3, 30" spindles from an 8' length and you need 10 spindles per 59" section.

Note: The 30" 2x2 spindles can be cut with a 30 degree bevel on one end and installed as shown at right. [detail side view of beveled guardrail spindle]

Note: Type of guardrail/handrail selection is based on needs of the user. It may be easier for someone to pull themselves up the ramp using the 1 1/2" round handrail rather than using the plowed-style of 2 x 6 handrail.

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