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[photo of lawn with snaking boardwalk]

Landscaping fabric can be placed under the boardwalk to prevent plant growth between the decking boards.

[side view detail of ramp transition to boardwalk]

[front view detail of staked boardwalk construction] Eliminate 2x4 stakes when working over frozen ground or other hard surface

Boardwalk, leading from ramp to driveways or sidewalks, can be installed instead of concrete or asphalt walkways. Three 1x6 treated boards are staked to the ground with 1' long 2x4 stakes at 5' intervals. Decking boards are then attached to the three parallel runners. 2x2s can be screwed in place on each outside edge to act as a wheel guard. Any length boardwalk can easily be installed, with turns as needed. Boardwalk, like modular ramps and stairs, can be used as long as needed and then easily removed.

The newly cut end of any piece of treated lumber that will be in ground contact should be protected with a fence post preservative type of product. Uncut ends do not need extra protection. Consult with the lumberyard where you purchased the lumber for advice on specific products.

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