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(From a Ramp Project Handout used at the beginning of the program:)


This is a new project developed to provide wheelchair ramps for home access to people who have mobility needs. By recruiting the services of an access specialist and providing assistance in recruiting volunteers, training in basic construction techniques for volunteers and onsite construction assistance to volunteers, the cost of home ramps is significantly reduced. This frees up funds for other access requirements the person may have and allows more people with access problems to be served.

The project is co-sponsored by the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Minnesota, the Metropolitan Center for Independent Living, the United Handicapped Federation and the Minnesota Division of Rehabilitation Services.

Construction crews of 3 to 4 volunteers will be recruited for each ramp project. The time commitment will vary depending on the complexity of the ramp design. General skills required are post-hole digging, shoveling, using a power saw, nailing and lifting. We may eventually be involved in minor concrete work. This is a physically demanding project with eight-hour days scheduled. Volunteers with endurance limitations may wish to consult with project staff prior to volunteering.

This is a challenging and very rewarding volunteering opportunity. You will leave the project with the satisfaction of having contributed to a tangible, well-designed, well-built, functional access ramp, as well as the knowledge of having provided a fundamental necessity to someone.

It is important to have one project supervisor
(either paid or volunteer) who is knowledgeable in
construction techniques. This will insure success of
the ramp building project and participant safety.

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