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Final Words

This manual was made possible by a Minnesota Housing Finance Agency Grant with additional funding from the Minnesota Division of Rehabilitation Services to the Metropolitan Center for Independent Living. The goal of the grant is to make this ramp information available to as many people as possible. When making copies, please credit MCIL.

This manual is also available on tape, disc and in Braille.

Ramp project personnel are interested in receiving suggestions and ideas regarding this manual and ramp building. Of special interest are the experiences of groups trying to increase the ramp building capacity in their communities. To the right you will find a card to fill out and send to MCIL.

Please share your experiences!

Metropolitan Center for Independent Living, Inc.
1600 University Avenue West
St. Paul, MN 55104-3825
651/646-8342 Voice
651/603-2001 TDD
651/603-2006 FAX

Manual Layout, design and production,
Destiny 2, Inc, St. Paul, Minnesota

Conversion to Web Pages,
The Computer Workshop, Seattle, Washington

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