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(for tread length of 34" and riser heights between 3 1/2" and 5")


1   2x4 by 39"front end piece
2   2x4 by 37 1/2" outside joists
1   2x4 by 36" back end piece
2   2x4 by 31" inside joists
6   5/4"x6" by 39" decking
      (order two 10' decking and cut 39" long pieces from them)
48  2 1/2" deck galvanized deck screws (8 per decking plank)
16  3" galvanized deck screws (to attach end pieces to joists)
8   2x4 joist hangers
4   3" galvanized deck screws (to attach front end piece
      joist hanger)
48  joist hanger nails

[top view of stair module]

Construction Notes:

  1. Cut joists and end pieces to length and assemble on flat surface. Space joists 13" apart on center.
  2. Screw end pieces to the ends of joists with 3" screws.
  3. Insure module is square and nail on joist hangers.
  4. Bend outside flange of the 2 front corner joist hangers flat against end piece and use 3" screws instead of nails to attach the flange to the end of the front end piece
  5. Decking is attached after the module is in place, because you into the 4 x 4 support posts when hanging the module.

See pages 25 and 26 for door and turn landing options.

When attaching a step to a landing made with 2x6s, make the outside joists of the step module 34" long instead of 37 1/2" long. This allows the 34" tread length to be maintained.

See page 61 for installation details.

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