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It is helpful to have copies of these following construction pages available at the ramp site.

To make ramp with 36" clear space make modules 39" wide.

Ramp and landing modules are designed to use 10 pieces of decking for each 58" length, to insure proper gaps between decking.

Standard length modules make reuse easier. If a nonstandard length is needed for a particular ramp, build the length you need using these guidelines

58"-long x 42"-wide Ramping Module

(for ramp with 39" clear width)
4  2x6 by 55" Joists (Order two 2x6x10 and cut 4 joists)
2  2x6 by 42" End Pieces (Order one 2x6x8 and cut 2 end pieces)
10  5/4" x 6" by 42" Decking (Order 14' decking and cut 4 pieces
      from each.. Two and one-half 14' decking equal ten 42" pieces.)
80  2 1/2" Deck Screws (8 per Decking Plank)
16  3" Deck Screws (To attach end pieces to joists)
8   2x6 Joist Hangers
64  Joist Hanger Nails (8 per Hanger)
[exploded diagram of ramp section]
Construction Notes:
  1. Cut joists and end pieces to length and assemble on flat surface. Space joists 14" apart on center.
  2. Screw end pieces to the ends of joists with 3" screws.
  3. Insure module is square and nail on joist hangers.
  4. Bend outside flange of four corner joist hangers flat against end pieces of module.
  5. Decking may be attached at this point or after module frame is placed in a ramp. Decking adds significant weight to module. If decking added, you will need to remove decking end pieces when assembling ramp.
  6. Drill a 3/8" hole centered on the end pieces and drill two 3/8" holes 6" from each side. All three holes to be centered vertically on the end piece.

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