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The modular ramp design creates the possibility that ramps will become easily recyclable The design allows flexibility in creating various length runs of sloped surface and pre-made modules can be matched to custom segments built on-site to create the needed ramp. The width of the ramp can be tailored to individual needs by changing the width of each module. Usually the Ianding at the doorway will require customization and sometimes the ground level end of the ramp will need to be modified to meet the site conditions. Having reusable components for the majority of the ramp reduces costs and increases the possibility of obtaining either short-term or long term access.
example of too-steep ramp
Example of bad ramp: This ramp is 8' too short. There is no level landing, guardrail, or wheel stop, and the lip at the bottom is not flush to the ground. A contractor designed and built it for $550.
example of good ramp
Example of a good ramp: 20' of sloped surface for 18" rise. Volunteers built it for $625.
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